pik11The Nigeria Integrated Water resources Management Commission (NIWRMC) with the support of WSSSRP II held a 2 day workshop for its Directors and Heads of Units on Effective IWRM Regulation at Catchment level.

The objectives of the workshop were to promote the application of IWRM principles at catchment level, improve the capacity of NIWRMC staff on regulatory framework for catchment management, and identify tools and processes for effective catchment regulation. The sessions included training on the use of GIS for effective data management, and discussions on interfacing with stakeholders for catchment management.

At the end of the workshop, the staff of the NIWRMC gained more knowledge on the effective application of IWRM at catchment level, and there was improvement in the understanding of regulation at catchment level. They also developed a more strategic approach to improving communication and coordination of activities among stakeholders.

There are eight hydrological areas (HA) in Nigeria, delineated with the support of the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA). All the HA’s have water resources challenges, and some of the challenges cut across HA’s, and some are unique.

pik12Effective management of water resources within an HA is about appreciating the water resources challenges within an HA, and more importantly, engaging the stakeholders within each HA for a common approach to resolving identified challenges. The EUWSSSRP II is working with the NIWRMC in the identification of the challenges in the eight HA’s in Nigeria, and establishing stakeholder forums towards building a holistic approach to sustainable water resources management in Nigeria.

Do you know your HA? Are there unique water resources challenges in your HA? What are the steps you take to resolve water challenges in your area?