The Inter Departmental Monitoring and Evaluation Task Team has now been formed in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources (FMWR). The Permanent Secretary is expected to formally inaugurate this group in the near future. The team will coordinate the planned review of the National M&E Framework in collaboration with the, soon to be formed, Inter Agency Task Group on M&E

The M&E synergy building process with the other EU water and sanitation programmes continued with the design of tools/instruments to operationalize the M&E system. This workshop was held in Jos, hosted by WSSSRP III, and led by WSSSRP II.

The small town and urban level indicators have now been fully integrated into the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Information System (WASHIMS). The tools and instruments developed for data capture have also been uploaded and are ready for use. The use of WASHIMS in the small towns and urban components will be fully initiated when training has been concluded in the states.
A potential duplication between the World Bank proposed Databank in the Ministry and the sector agreed MIS – WASHIMS has been observed. WSSSRP II is facilitating a stakeholder meeting in order to address the issue.

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