As well as supporting the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, WSSSRP II supports the water supply and sanitation sector in the six EU focal states.

WSSSRP II operates in the states by virtue of an MoU between the Federal Government of Nigeria represented by the National Authorising Officer of the European Development Fund (EDF) and the governments of the focal states represented by the Executive Governors and the Honourable Ministers of the State Ministries of Water Resources.

Some states have been able to progress faster than others, the table shows the current status in some key areas.
Go to the State pages for news or download the most recent WSSSRP report [links] for a six monthly update on progress.

1. Anambra
2. Cross River
3. Jigawa
4. Kano
5. Osun
6. Yobe

Relative state of reforms in six focal states: Snapshot as at End of October 2015

Water Bill/Law Water Policy Selected Small Towns No. of WCAs No. water facilities % access to safe/ improved water No. customers/ Households Av. Water Tariff/ 20 litre IGR as % of Total Revenue Counter-part fund paid (Y/N) Functional water facility (%) IWRM Committee
Anambra Signed into Law Yes 10(2014) 273(2014) 63%(2014) 4,816(2014) Vendors N5.00-N10.00 (2014) For Water Corporation it is 0% Yes(2014) 55%(2014) Yes
Cross River Prepared not yet sent to the House Yes 28(2014) 25 562(2014) 70%(2014) 4,770(2014) Vendors N6.00-N10.00 (2014) N/A Yes(2015) 53%(2014) Yes
Jigawa Presented, yet to be passed Yes 25(2014) 246 189(2014) 99% (2014) 6,626(2014) JSWB, =N100/mth. & Private Vendors =N20/20 litre 7%(2013) Yes(2015) 81%(2014) Yes
Kano Passed by the House, awaiting Governor assent Yes 20(2014) 47 253(2014) 59%(2014) 22,030(2014) Vendors N10.00-N20.00 1% Approved, yet to be released 60% Yes
Osun Passed into Law Yes 10(2014) 18 238(2014) 81%(2014) 5,759(2014) Vendors N6.00-N10.00 (2014) N/A Yes, on priority works only 29%(2014) Yes
Yobe Yet to be presented to Yobe SHoA Yes 6(2014) 6(2015) 243(2014) 82%(2014) 1,715(2014) Vendors N1.00-N5.00 (2014) 3% in Small Towns Not yet 97%(2014) Yes