Private Sector


Changes in the way the Water and Sanitation Sector is organised locally means that there are increasing opportunities for the private sector to get involved in different ways, but particularly in relatively small-scale works for community-run schemes. This can range from running public toilets to providing maintenance for water supply infrastructure. As well as helping WCAs deliver reliable water and sanitation services for communities, the private sector is also encouraged to fully participate in state-led water service provision through better and more transparent procurement procedures.

WSSSRP II encourages private sector involvement through:

• Piloting recommended models for private sector participation (PSP) in management and O&M in small towns including aggregation models
• Creating awareness and conduct orientation sessions in the six focal States to inform local private sector of opportunities and identify small-scale entrepreneur and operators for O&M and contracting
• Building an inventory of possible private sector partners with details of capacity and competence, and assist States and LGAs to keep the register up-to-date