Water Supply


Naturally, any water programme will have a construction component, after all at the end of the day it is vital that homes get a reliable and safe water supply and have proper sanitation. But WSSSRP II is as much as water sector reform programme as it is about providing facilities. Without an adequate financial and institutional structure in place sustainable water facilities will be impossible. For this reason, WSSSRP II mentors and supports the state institutions that are responsible for directly delivering urban water supply, and helps build their support for community-led schemes in smaller towns.

For this reason, the States and communities are expected to deposit significant sums before they can take advantage of WSSSRP II construction and rehabilitation funds – for example, States need to find 30% of the cost before they can leverage support for their Priority and Main Works. Communities need to find 5% to supplement the cost of works.

In this way WSSSRP II works with State Water Corporations or Boards, Small Town Water Agencies, Water Consumer Associations to deliver the following results:

• Improve the management and financial stability of urban water institutions
• Rehabilitate and improve urban water works
• Small-town water supply schemes are bought back into use, and new schemes constructed